Why Chinook Hydroseeding?

Since 2009 Chinook Hydroseeding has installed more than 1200 residential lawns, erosion control projects, athletic fields, and commercial hydroseeding applications.  We always stand behind our work and will work with clients to ensure you are satisfied with our service.  We don't spend much money on advertising or a fancy website.  We provide our clients with the best value (lbs of seed/fertilizer) for your dollar and this has resulted in repeat business and clients sharing our name with friends and family.  All of our quotes come with a detailed list of what you will get for your money.  Be sure to ask our competition about their application rates when getting other quotes so you are comparing like products. We are confident that the quality of install, amount of materials per ft. and cost, makes Chinook Hydroseeding the best value in the area.

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the best Value for your money Period!